Five Reasons To Invest In Prescription Sunglasses

Posted on: 26 April 2018

If you are like many glasses wearers, you are not quite sure what to do when the sun comes out. Do you reach for sunglasses and take your normal glasses off, even though that means you can't see as clearly throughout the day? Do you use some of those clip-on covers for your eyeglasses, even though they look a bit dorky? These solutions work for some people, but there is a better option: Purchase prescription sunglasses that shield your eyes and also magnify your vision. Here are five reasons such sunglasses are worth the investment.

1. You don't have to worry about injuries due to poor vision.

When you take off your prescription glasses to put sunglasses on, you risk injuring yourself, or even others, because you can't see clearly. Even if you only have mild vision impairment, it's not really safe to be out in the world driving and completing other activities when you can't clearly see what is going on around you. You would not want to get in a car accident or other accident when not wearing your prescription glasses -- you could be held liable for a car accident in this case. Prescription sunglasses don't force you to choose between sun protection and safety.

2. Your eyes will be better protected from cataracts.

If you forgo wearing sunglasses because it's just not convenient to do so with your regular glasses, you could be putting yourself at risk for cataracts. Cataracts develop as you age; the lens of your eye thickens and becomes opaque, leading to cloudy vision. There is no cure for cataracts, and the only real way to deal with them is to have them surgically removed. However, there is a lot you can do to reduce your risk of cataracts, such as limiting your exposure to the UV rays in sunlight. When you have prescription sunglasses and you wear them regularly, you reduce your risk of cataracts later in life.

3. You'll protect yourself from macular degeneration.

Macular degeneration is another problem that can occur due to increased UV exposure. The macula is a collection of tissue at the back of your eye that is involved in focusing the light that enters your eye. Macular degeneration causes you to develop blind spots in your visual field, and it can eventually lead to total blindness. If you have prescription sunglasses and wear them often, you'll reduce your risk of this leading cause of blindness. 

4. You'll protect your eyelids, too.

It's not just your eyes that are sensitive to sun exposure! Your eyelids are also prone to sun damage, and even skin cancer, if you do not protect them. With prescription sunglasses, you can shield your eyelids from the harmful sunlight and spend less time worrying about the risk of tumors and cancers. You may notice the skin on your eyelids becomes less dry and irritated, too!

5. You'll have less glare to deal with.

One of the problems with the snap-on covers that turn your glasses into sunglasses is that they tend to produce glare. This is partially because of the space between your glasses and the cover. Prescription sunglasses do not cause this same glare issue and you get a clearer view of whatever is in front of you. This can be really helpful if you are engaging in physical activity, driving, or performing other activities that require precision.

A quality pair of prescription sunglasses may cost $100 or so, but this investment is so worthwhile. Buying a pair is really the best thing you can do for the health of your eyes. Check out an eye clinic like Master  Eye Associates to learn about your options.