The Eyes Have It: How To Protect Your Eyes This Summer

Posted on: 25 June 2018

Summer has officially begun. Now you can get outside and enjoy the warm sunshine. If you're going to be spending a good deal of time outside this summer, you need to make sure that you have adequate protection from the sun. You probably know that you need to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage and that you need to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. However, you might not realize that you also need to take precautionary steps to protect your eyes. Your eyes can suffer extreme damage when exposed to the sun. Here are four strategies you can use to protect your eyes this summer.

Choose Prescription Sunglasses

If you're going to be outside during the day this summer, you need to wear sunglasses. However, if you typically wear corrective lenses, you should also ensure that you're wearing prescription sunglasses. That way, your vision continues to be properly corrected while you're outside and your eyes are protected from sun damage. You can purchase prescription sunglasses from your optometrist.

Protect Your Eyes in the Water

Summer time is synonymous with water-related fun. Unfortunately, exposure to salt water and chlorinated water can cause eye damage, especially with repeated exposure. To help you avoid damage to your eyes, you should always wear swim goggles while in the water. If you're going to be participating in things like wakeboarding or water skiing, be sure to wear protective goggles that will also protect your eyes against impact damage.

Use Moisturizing Eye Drops

During the summer, you probably drink plenty of extra water to prevent dehydration. However, your eyes can get dried out as well. Once they do, you'll start noticing that they get itchy, sore, red, and tired. You can help keep your eyes moist by using moisturizing eye drops during the summer. Talk to your optometrist about the right type of drops for your eyes.

Always Wear Hats in the Sun

If you're not wearing a hat during the summer, you're putting your skin and your eyes at risk for sun damage. You might not know this, but your eyelids are particularly susceptible to skin cancer risks, especially during the summer. You can protect your skin and your eyes by wearing a hat whenever you head outside this summer.

Don't jeopardize the health of your eyes this summer. Use the tips provided here to protect your vision throughout the summer. If you begin to notice vision problems this summer, be sure to talk to a local optometrist office like Vision Eyeland Super Optical LLC